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About Me [📌 This site is deprecated]

Hi! I'm a graduate student based in Chicago, IL, currently pursuing Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

With a focus on Full Stack Development, including both Web and Mobile Applications, I strive to create innovative and impactful software solutions. You can see some of my work by browsing my applications available on AppStore  and here. In my free time, I write blogs and I am also a technical writer for @BetterProgramming, @JavaScriptInPlainEnglish and @BitsAndPieces on Medium . Besides coding, I'm a 3000m steeplechaser in my college varsity Track and Field team. Recently, I'm learning Spanish and training Muay Thai at Chicago Aiki Training Hall, which I find both challenging and rewarding.

Latest Project

MonsterDex iOS App

NutriCado: Food Scanner

iOS application

MonsterDex iOS App

MonsterDex: The Ultimate Pokemon Guide

iOS application

Genomics Analysis Service (SaaS) Application

Genomics Analysis Service

Cloud computing application


Lumentum Operations LLC


Software Engineer Intern | Oct 2021 - Feb 2022 | Taipei, Taiwan

  • Built an AWS Single-Sign On (SSO) authentication tool from scratch using C# and AWS SDK, resulting in an 8x improvement in performance and a 71% reduction in memory usage.
  • Assisted in the development of Diode Laser Manufacturing’s RESTful API to improve performance and scalability using .NET and Swagger.
  • Collaborated with software engineers and data architects to benchmark and document 2 internal tools.
C# .NET .NET Core AWS ShellScripting
Logitech Gaming


Data Science Intern | Jul 2021 - Sep 2021 | Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Designed 2 A/B tests and implemented the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) algorithm using Python to quantify gaming headset datasets, including ergonomic, acoustic, and mechanical specifications.
  • Collaborated with the UI/UX team to optimize gaming market experiments through multivariate testing and observational studies using Python and Tableau.
  • Conducted a cross-sectional survey research study involving 50+ participants, collecting over 1,000 data points on gaming headsets and their features.
Python R Tableau
DuPont Electronic Materials


Engineering Co-op | Jul 2020 - Aug 2020 | Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Collaborated with IT architects and QA engineers to optimize the manufacturing process of semiconductor polyimide films using Python, FlexSim, and Minitab.
  • Developed a simulation model of the manufacturing process using FlexSim to identify bottlenecks and improve production efficiency.
  • Analyzed and visualized data using Python and Minitab to identify the root cause of defects and improve product quality.
Python FlexSim Minitab
Advanced Optoelectronic Technology

Advanced Optoelectronic Technology

Data Science Intern | Part-time | Oct 2019 - Jun 2020 | Hsinchu, Taiwan

  • Conducted research in AOT's high-end LED chip field and redesigned the packaging process of its optic components.
  • Utilized Python and R to analyze and visualize data, providing actionable insights to the engineering team.
  • Implemented Taguchi Method Algorithm to optimize LED chips' data collection process, resulting in a 10% increase in production efficiency.
Python R Minitab


Genomics Analysis Service Full Stack

Python Flask AWS PostgreSQL

Multi-Account Access Automation Backend


Speaker Recognition System Backend

Python Pandas NumPy seaborn

My iTunes Movie Gallery Mobile

Swift UIKit iTunes API

Task Manager Full Stack

Python Flask HTML/CSS SQLite pythonanywhere

Job Searching App Mobile

React Native Rapid API Expo
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UFC Athlete Ranking App Mobile

Swift UIKit Mocky API

GitHub Issue Tracker II Mobile

Swift SwiftUI GitHub API

GitHub Issue Tracker I Mobile

Swift UIKit GitHub API

Favorite Chicago Landmark Mobile

Swift UIKit MapKit

Infinity Full Stack

Python Django JavaScript HTML CSS

Samurai's Adventure Full Stack

Python Pygame Tiled


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University of Chicago

MS, Computer Science | 2022 - 2023

  • Algorithms
  • Cloud Computing
  • Databases
  • Distributed Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Security
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Python Programming
  • User Interface and User Experience Design
  • iOS Application Development
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National Tsing Hua University

BS, Industrial Engineering - Data Science Specialization | 2017 - 2021

  • Big Data Analytics & Data Mining
  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Structures
  • Introduction to Programming Languages
  • Introduction to Programming in Python
  • Programming Design and Applications
  • Special Topics on Algorithms